We are not kennel breeders, but raise litters when it's time for another generation of companions to help us enjoy days afield. Most of the puppies are given to friends or family members, or sold to individuals whom we are certain will first and foremost give them a good life and make them part of their family.

Over the years we've raised five litters of setters, and hopefully in the not too distant future a fifth. There is a lot of work in raising a litter, but the rewards vastly outweigh the efforts.

Daisy's litter - Whelped 4/17/88 
Five of Cassie's six puppies from 1st litter - Whelped 3/17/92

Cassie's 2nd litter out for some fresh air. Whelped 5/7/94

Maggie with litter. Whelped 7/4/2000

Maggie's litter out exploring at five weeks old.
Katie with litter. Whelped 7/27/2008
Katie's Litter at 6 weeks old.
Jenny's with litter. Whelped 7/4/2013
Jenny's four puppies. Six weeks old.


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