Peifer's Molly was whelped in our basement on July 4, 2000. Her sire was Blue Chief (Field Dog Stud Book registration number 1469088 - owned by Jerry Kolter, Lino Lakes, MN) and the dam Peifer's Maggie (Field Dog Stud Book registration number 1420588). She is white and black, and ticked.

Molly is back, at the age of 10, after ACL surgery on her back right leg. This is her first day back in the field (10/23/2010). A grouse hunt may be in her near future.

Happy dog.

Molly at 2 years old.

Never too early to start.

Mr. Snakey put up a good fight. Time for a break.

Molly at one year old. She's a big girl - 52 lbs.

Molly on first day of the grouse hunting season (2.5 months old). Again, it's never too early to start. (She hunted every day of the 2000 season.)

Before she was 6 months old, Molly had pointed her first grouse, woodcock, and pheasant. She also is a natural retriever like her aunts, uncles, and granddam.


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