Antique and Vintage Outboard Motor Restorations

by Rick Peifer

I started restoring vintage and antique outboard motors less than two years ago to help a friend of mine put together a collection of wooden boats and outboard motors. I thought I should try my hand at restoring some motors so I would have an appreciation for the process. I now understand and appreciate what goes into preserving a piece of history. Here are a few photos of motors I have restored.

This is the first motor I restored. It is a 1936 Bendix Flip Top.

I then restored a 1936 Bendix Electric Trolling Motor.

Next was a 1935 Evinrude Sportsman (before and after).

Then a Caille 109 Multi-flex Red Head (before and after).

Then a Caille Liberty Single (before and after).

Silvertrol Electric

Elto Pal (before and after)

Elto Ace (before and after)

Johnson OK55 (before and after)

Sea King (Evinrude) Super Single (before and after)

1918 Koban before and after restoration. Click here for more photos.

Caille 5-speed rowboat motor

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