A Dog's Life

Molly's l year birthday party. Most of the dogs you see here are related to her.
Yummm! (Molly and Bryn)
Chipmonk hunting
Raven and Merlin (Merlin is Molly's brother - owned by Frank Gill, Rushland, PA)
Bessie (Molly's sister - owned by Jeff Smith, Zumbrota, MN)
Barkley (Bryn's brother owned by Doug Boyer, Winona, MN)
Katie, Bryn, Molly, and Maggie (Aug. 2005)
Daisy and Rick, North Dakota, 1983
Katie and pups at play.
Uncle Jim, do I get treats?
Katie (5 months old), Rick & Jay. Wisc. Oct. 2003. 23 flushes, 10 grouse in three hours.
Brothers Hunting Pheasants, Oct. 1991 - Rick, Mark and Jack
Rufus (brother) & Jenny - about 4 months old.
Molly, Katie & Jenny at the Kirkwoods.
Ruffus and Jenny - about 3 1/2 months.
Bryn, Rick and Cassie - Winter pheasant hunt, circa 1991. Painting by Noel Dunn.
Birch at home in Pennsylvania, Oct. 2008
Birch, Merlin & Raven in the Adirondacks, Oct. 2008


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